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Jeffrey Litzinger, M.D.

Adult, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

Dr. Litzinger provides primary and consultative comprehensive psychiatric treatment to children, adolescents and adults, working both solo and as part of a collaborative team. He does comprehensive mental health evaluations, medication management and individual psychotherapy. He has provided service to more than 4000 unique patients in private practice, teenage and adult residential treatment centers, inpatient psychiatric facilities, substance abuse treatment centers, eating disorder residential facilities, active research programs, homeless outreach programs, board and care facilities, the military and correctional facilities. While Dr. Litzinger spends most of his time in North Carolina, he makes use of telepsychiatry to maintain established private practice patients in Seal Beach, California as well as providing treatment to underserved areas in Alaska.  He can also use Telepsychiatry with established local patients who are unable to come into the office for various reasons or during travel. Dr. Litzinger is highly specialized in the use of Computerized Performance Testing for the optimization of stimulant dosages in children and adults with ADHD. While having a special interest in ADHD, Dr. Litzinger’s broad based experience allows him to effectively treat the full gamut of psychiatric conditions in children and adults with and without ADHD.

Patient centered care providing patients (and parents) information about risks and benefits of each treatment recommendation, and options that reconcile with the patient's views and comfort level. 

Highly skilled in the treatment of Adult and Childhood ADHD and comorbid conditions such mood, anxiety and other disorders.

Experienced in the use of computerized testing to optimize medication dosage for ADHD so that patients do not experience "zombie-like" and other so called "normal" side effects. 
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